Request for All Visitors

Fushimi Inari Taisha is the shrine where the deity Inari Okami resides, and as such, it is a place of worship.
To show proper respect and manners in this holy area and ensure the safety of all visitors, the following actions are prohibited within the shrine grounds.

  1. Entering areas that are closed to the public (the main shrine building and other buildings, along with fenced areas)
  2. Shouting, sitting in the shrine grounds and other actions that may disturb worshipers
  3. Eating or drinking while walking
  4. Littering of any kind, including trash, PET bottles or cans
  5. Smoking or using flames of any kind
  6. Flying drones or radio controlled airplanes
  7. Walking through shrine grounds in wedding attire, cosplay, or other unusual clothing
  8. Using a tripod to take photos in narrow paths
  9. Taking photos or filming in areas where this is prohibited
  10. Engaging in commercial activities or taking photos or filming for commercial purposes in shrine grounds
  11. Engaging in activities such as journalism or surveys without permission
  12. Parking for purposes other than visiting the shrine
  13. Approaching wild animals in the area
  14. Other activities deemed inappropriate by Fushimi Inari Taisha

Any visitor found engaging in the above actions will be asked to refrain.
Visitors who fail to follow staff’s instructions will be asked to leave.
We request your understanding and cooperation in making Fushimi Inari Taisha a pleasant place of worship for all visitors.